Kota Long Boards

KOTAgrip Clear Gloss Grip Finish

KOTA Longboards is committed to bringing you the best riding experience in the industry!  From day 1 we set out to develop a grip finish that would enhance your carve while showing off your cool, clean style!  Baby, we've done it!

INTRODUCING our new clear, gloss grip finish we call KOTAgrip!  It looks just like our normal finish but you won't need any grip tape at all riding this wonderful new finish.  Smooth, durable and easy to clean with a wet paper towel.

now standard on all KOTA LONGBOARDS  

Check out our videos.  All of the boards ridden in them are sprayed with KOTAgrip.  No grip tape, just KOTAgrip!  Carve it up and feel the stoke - free, clear and confident.