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Prepare for Flight

It’s About Energy! Ride the perfect combination of camber and concave for agile carving. Engineered so you ride with performance, comfort and control. That’s the KOTA edge!

Camber brings your ride to life! The arc of the board tip to tail puts compression and tension into the deck’s core, packing your ride with energy and responsiveness. It’s the mechanism that allows you to control your ride!

Concave adds turning response and confidence! We add a lateral curve to your board that directs energy to the deck’s edge, helping the board stick to your feet. The Concave surface on top of your KOTA longboard gives you added turning performance while you carve!


Visual of concave and camber


Board Engineering

Board Engineering

Every KOTA deck is unique because the wood we use tells us what it wants to be. Only the best Hard Rock Maple becomes a KOTA longboard.

We specify American Hard Rock Maple from Wisconsin for its strength, durability and beauty. Each veneer is individually inspected. If it makes the grade it becomes a KOTA deck.

Our Hard Rock Maple is tough. Rated at a Janka Hardness of 1,450 pounds-force, that’s nearly twice as much as other maple varieties. No other wood will do for KOTA longboards.

Design & Style

Each and every KOTA longboard is handcrafted with a focus on quality and detail. Utilizing our AIM-54 stains, we’re able to highlight the extraordinary beauty of the Maplewood grain making every KOTA board unique.

Every KOTA board features our exclusive KOTA metal medallion imbedded into its toe. Designed in the genre of vintage bicycle head-badges, the KOTA medallion adds something special to your ride. It shows everyone around you that you’re a part of the KOTA family.

Whether you ride a KOTA Classic edition or Military Personalized design, your KOTA longboard is uniquely YOU.

Longboarder pushing the kota grip to the limits

Kota Grip

From day one we’ve not been content with the status quo. That’s why we developed KOTAgrip, the first truly clear, non-porous, durable grip finish. KOTAgrip gives you confidence in your command of the board even riding in the rain. You’ll only find KOTAgrip on a KOTA longboard.

Board builder adding a KOTA logo to a board by hand

Handcrafted in America

All KOTA longboards are manufactured from start to finish in our factory in Denver, Colorado. Just a few blocks from Coors Field, you’re welcome to come by and meet the team that made your ride!

At KOTA we want you to ride hard, ride often, ride everywhere.  We believe that if the destination is worth it…getting there should be just as exciting!

Military Series

Honoring the service of military veterans. Honor, integrity, courage, esprit de corps – the code of a Knight of the Air. Our relationship with those who serve our country is our heartbeat.

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Women’s Series

Wind in my face, cruising, carving…it’s “Me Time” riding on my KOTA Longboard. Riding is a time to relax and enjoy being with friends outdoors while getting in a little stress-free exercise.

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Co Branded Boards

Interested in presenting an active, wholesome identification for your brand or logo. KOTA Longboards loves collaborating with like-minded brands. Check out companies like yours that chose to differentiate themselves with KOTA Longboards.

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